Aa’s Declassified Campus Survival Guide: 7 Tips for Move-In Day

Brought to you by blood, sweat and tears…it’s college move in day!

Here’s a few quick tips for you as you pack up and move into your new space.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 2.50.52 AM

Connect with your future roommates

If you haven’t spoken to your roommates yet, do your best to get a hold of them! It helps when you know a little about each other before stepping into your future home. There’s so much stuff you all could talk about! Find out who has what. From appliances such as vacuums, microwaves or even room designs, classes on campus and even follow each other on social media. Look out for emails, phone calls or opportunities from your dorm/apartment complex for their information.

Be Punctual

Know what time you’re  allowed to move in and make sure you’re in the area well before hand! This way you won’t have to worry about traffic. If you can, spend the night there. Or just start your day early and eat breakfast in the area! This is your time to double check your list and make last minute runs to the store if needed.

There will be chaos, and a lot of other students and families running around so the more you have together, the better!

Be Organized

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 2.53.53 AM

Label EVERYTHING. Every box, container and bag. You can save time by not having to open containers and bags because you’ll already know what’s inside! As a military brat, packing and moving around is second nature. My mom likes to give everything a big title, and then list the items inside. This is a lifesaver!

Find out if your apartment is providing luggage carts, or will you have to bring your own.

More and more hacks!

Pack your bag with hangers

This saves time, and stress. PLEASE DO IT! You won’t have to worry about hanging your clothes up when you get into your room because they’re already prepped and ready. All you have to do is open the trash bags!

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 2.55.14 AM.png

Bring in the bed

Pack your bed into the car LAST. This way when you arrive, it’ll be the FIRST thing you pull out. Bring everything you’ll need for it and make your bed as soon as you get in. Once this is done you’ll be able to stack things on your bed and move around more efficiently.

Have Unpacking Smarts

Unpack by SECTIONS. It’s not the best idea to just rip everything apart as soon as you get there. Work on your bathroom first, and then the kitchen etc. Do one thing at a time this way you can keep track of everything and not get messy. Of course, if you have your parents with you feel free to work on multiple areas at a time and assign everyone to certain things.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 2.56.45 AM.png

Got cleaning supplies?

Keep a close eye on these items at all times! This is also something that should be last to pack into your car so it’s quick and easy to grab for move in. The first thing my parents did when we moved into my apartment, was grab my new cleaning supplies and sterilize the whole entire room! Also, I’d highly recommend buying a cheap handheld vacuum. As long as it does the job and keeps the floors clean and clear of crumbs – it’s perfect!

And that’s it! I hope these super quick last minute tips help move-in day go smoothly for you. Enjoy setting up your new home!


– Aa


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