Chasing The Crown | My experience at The Miss Florida Scholarship Pageant!

Style, Scholarship, Success and Service


These are the four points of the crown in The Miss America Organization. It’s what we stand for, believe in and emulate. The Miss Florida Scholarship Program just recently celebrated it’s 83rd annual Miss Florida pageant! This year was extremely special because I had the opportunity to be apart of this amazing organization for the first time.

Here is my photo documentary from an amazing week and journey to the crown!

Saying Yes to The Dress… 

IMG_2273-1.JPGI went to an amazing Gown store in Orlando by the name of Regalia and boy is it magnificent. The wonderful couple that own this store helped me find the gown of my dreams. Anyone who knows me, knows that pink is my favorite color. I always wanted to wear a gown in that color, but I was always afraid that I would look a little to ready for my sweet sixteen. BUT I WAS WRONG! I will literally wear this dress for the rest of my life and pageant career so don’t be surprised when you see it again!


P.S. Thank you Ms. Cathy for altering my gown! When I first put the gown on it was way too long and I was tripping everywhere. For once, an article of clothing was TOO long for this giraffe girl. Can you believe it?!

Let Miss Florida Week begin:

1 contestant checked in, 45 more to go!


The truck was LOADED with bags, suitcases and lots of hairspray for Miss Florida Week. I wasn’t able to capture photos when I got to the hotel for checkin but just imagine a lot of paperwork flying around, luggage carts rolling and pretty girls in nice outfits and white sashes from all across the state of Florida!

The black bag you see in the photo above is a tote that we all had to carry! It kept us uniformed and organized. It had a tag with our name and title on them also so none of us got confused. We also got two shirts together which you’ll see in later photos to match! Matching outfits, bags and cute photos? I think it’s safe to say Miss Florida week was the ultimate sorority experience. We even have our own house! (Jk)


The next few photos are candids from when we had three opportunities throughout the week to go to dinners and luncheons with companies and great leaders in the Lakeland Community! The food was So great I almost forgot that I had to slow down because swimsuit night was coming up. Oops!


Miss Boca Raton, MariLuz and former Miss Florida 2016, Courtney Sexton!


The most ambitious, beautiful and charismatic women from across the state of Florida!

At our final luncheon for the week, I won the Quality of Character Award! This is similar to Miss Congeniality. It goes to “the girl next door”, someone you will always want to talk to even after the pageant mayhem comes to an end. YAY ME!


IMG_2370My sister queen, Payton got me this amazing soft blanket as a gift! I definitely got my use with it because I was getting an exceptional amount of beauty sleep during Miss Florida Week! Our blankets say “Miss Pasco County” and “Miss Pasco County Fair” but what we should’ve put on them was “LONG LOST COUSINS!!!!!”

The first night of the pageant our parents found out that my grandma and her grandpa are first cousins. They even went to high school together! PAYTON AND I WERE JUMPING AND SCREAMING ALL AROUND THE HOTEL. What are the odds of all of this?! Crazy right?! It is amazing how we ended up on the same path. Till this day, I am still shook.


Work work work work… 

Let’s get in formation!

Sure dressing up in gorgeous gowns and taking glamour shots is fun, but for a few days we put it all down and picked up sweats and hair ties. We had nine and a half hour rehearsals for a couple of DAYS and I don’t think I’ve ever drank so much coffee in one day. #TheStruggleisREAL


In this candid Miss Pinellas County, Elizabeth is doing Miss Miami, Stephanie’s Hair. SO many girls were willing to help each other out with everything. Many people think pageant girls are catty and they think there’s constant drama going on BUT these girls were phenomenal! I even helped girls spray tan, practice their walks and even work on practice interview questions!




We were only allowed to bring two bags EACH backstage for the dressing room. With 46 girls, that’s almost 100 clothing bags on the back of this truck! We had to move our stage clothes to the theatre and look at what a mountain we built!





 10 minute interview

Although it can be a little stressful, interview is definitely my favorite part of the pageant! I love speaking in front of people and giving my opinions and insight on my dreams, aspirations and accomplishments. (And let’s face it, I love to talk.) The dress I wore was in honor of children with autism including my nephew with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Overall, my interview was AWESOME. Here are just some of the things I was asked! Try answering them without breaking a sweat.

How do you feel about girls being drafted into the military at 18?

It says here that you can say your ABC’s backwards in under three seconds. CAN YOU DO IT?! (Btw, I did and I didn’t mess up.) #CrushedIt

How can we teach others about children with Autism and make them more aware?

You’re so young, do you think you’re ready for the job of Miss Florida?

What do you think about our relations with North Korea. Should we attack, launch a missile? What’s our next move?

Tell us some history about The Miss Florida Organization.

What is your opinion on transgender bathrooms?

Prelim Nights: Evening gown, onstage question, Lifestyle and Fitness and talent.


My Miss America moment. Being on stage in a breathtaking gown is a dream come true. This is when it hits you – right as you walk out on stage and the crowds breath is taken away. I love my gown. It represents all that I am and every time I put it on I NEVER want to take it off!

On stage question: 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism. Your platform is Artistic or Autistic: A Puzzle Within Itself With Autism being such a mystery, how can we make the world more autism friendly?

FullSizeRender-5You guys know me and my typical piano songs. Of course, I played the beautiful “River Flows in You” by Yiruma! It’s a classic and that also will never change. The first time I played this song was when my mother returned home from deployment. Since then, it’s had a special place in my heart.


If there ever was a 5th point to The Miss America crown, it would be sisterhood. This week I had the time of my life at Miss Florida and can’t wait for the journey to continue.

Thanks for reading all about my journey to the crown!



Miss Pasco County Fair



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