Operation: Piece Bag

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Piece Bags | Sensory toys for children on the spectrum

Why is a puzzle piece the symbol for Autism?

It is a representation of how complex and mysterious children are with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder.) As we spend time working on puzzles and putting them together, it’s apparent that EVERY puzzle piece is DIFFERENT in some way.

With my platform through the Miss America Organization: Artistic or Autistic? A puzzle within itself, I decided to create Piece Bags! Sensory toys for children on the spectrum. Here is a photo documentary from an Autism Speaks Walk in Tampa, Florida. I was able to pass out 100 Piece Bags: hand crafted and made with love!

Let the mission begin!

Of course, just about everything I do in life is Pinterest inspired. Without a doubt, using the worlds most creative app/website helped me figure out how to put everything together! #TypicalAaliyah


How was the mission planned?  


I always wanted to do more with my platform, but I wasn’t sure how. The world of Autism is still fairly new to my family and we are still learning more each day about my nephew. He is the light out our lives! If you ever get the chance to meet him, your face will hurt from smiling and laughing so much. He’s loving, spunky, and views the world in a way we never will. With the surplus of toys that he has, it inspired me to put together some of his favorite things and create them for other children to enjoy just like him!

Mission in action: Operation Piece Bag has commenced!



I was obsessed with their shirts. How cute!

One of my Sunshine Princesses and I, Sophia had a blast watching every child’s face light up as we handed them a Piece Bag! As you can see (photo in the middle), many of the kids wanted to open their bags immediately and play with their new sensory toys.


Go Mom! Go Dad!

IMG_0835My parents helped me finish the final 20 Piece Bags in my apartment. Woohoo!

To be completely honest, making the Piece Bags got a little overwhelming and stressful for me. I felt as if they weren’t good enough! I was scared to pass them out and get a reaction that would make me feel as if I didn’t do the job right. I’m so happy and elated that all 100 children proved to me how the smallest things can go a long way!

Mission Complete


It’s important to remember that life isn’t all about you. We weren’t put on this Earth to only focus on ourselves, and the issues that we face behind closed doors. Life is so short, and we should spend a lot of that time caring about our fellow human beings. We may not have it all, but we should do the best we can to give something of ours to others! Donate a can of non-perishable foods to a shelter, give away clothes, or even advocate to others who may not have the same abilities as you do.

Here’s to my new project. Operation: Piece Bags! 100 down, forever to go.

Piece out!


Miss Pasco County Fair 2017

Click this link and take the oath to Light It Up Blue! 







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