Miss America Serves Day | Compassion in Action!

Compassion in Action

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Service, scholarship, style and success. These four words mold together and create the distinct four-point Miss America crown that sits on top of the heads of hundreds of titleholders across the nation. Miss America Serves Day is an annual event that allows titleholders in each state to join forces and serve the community. As the Miss Florida Class of 2017, we filled 400 book-bags with food for children in the area so that they would not go hungry at home on the weekends. Check out how we spent Miss America Serves Day with this year’s project: Compassion in Action!

1 in 5 

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1 in 5 children lack the proper access to food each year. Startling, isn’t it? Children and their families who are confronted with these issues need our help and support! With the Compassion in Action project, help is surely on the way. In less than an hour, all of these boxes were broken down and the products inside made their way into backpacks for 400 children! 1 in 5 children do not know what they will eat for their next meal. The numbers are staggering. People across our nation are continuously trying to help. We were lucky to work with the men and women at Florida Baptist Children’s Home! They have been providing Christ centered services for abused, neglected, and orphaned children since 1904.

Time to get packing!

 To make this project possible, each titleholder needed donations from friends and family. We collected food items of all sorts and on April 8th, they were all organized by group and separated once again. But, this time packed with love and ready for 400 children to receive!

The Boutique

 Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.25.53 PM

Everyday, we wake up and throw clothes on and head out the door. More than likely,  we have all screamed “I have nothing to wear!” when we often have a closet full of shoes, jackets, and jeans. The next  part of the Compassion in Action Project was to restock a boutique. This special room contained free clothing for babies, women, men, and children. Miss Florida 2016, Courtney Sexton said to us before going in the boutique that “We want them to feel as if they’re in Forever 21.” To me, this was important and stuck with me the entire day. It reminded me to do my best, and even give my all for the sake of other people. The girls and I were able to go inside to fix, add, and help tidy up the boutique. Love and sincerity filled the room as we thought of the people who  would soon wear these clothes. The Boutique was even better than Forever 21! (And a lot cleaner, too.)

The center we volunteered with provides shelter, food, love, and clothing for foster children, and even sex trafficking victims. The Miss Florida contestants had a multitude of items to add to this large wardrobe!

This is my first year competing in pageants through the Miss America Organization, and already I can see why so many people are in love with this program! I cannot wait for next year Miss America Serves day. You’ll be amazed at how many lives you touch when you put your Compassion in Action!


Thanks for reading!

-Aa (and the Miss Florida Class of 2017!)

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