Bye Bye, Bad Cravings! | Eat all the right things.

Bye Bye, Bad Cravings!


Let’s face it, we all could probably live off of junk food, or anything sweet and salty for the rest of our lives! However, it’s probably not the best decision.

I hope this blog post helps you figure out how to work your way own bad cravings! I’m going to help you get three steps closer to a healthier you.

1. Drink more water



This is probably the most important tip there is and you’ll soon figure it out when you add this to your routine! Our bodies can confuse hunger with thirst ALL the time. So, if you’re ever craving food…yes it means your body is telling you something, but it doesn’t always mean the body is telling you it’s hungry. Try drinking a bottle/cup of water and then see how you feel! It’s important to drink a lot of water, and if you’re not a big fan of H20, try adding fruit into your water.


2. Plan your meals

1000-meal-prep-marek.jpgMeal prep is probably one of the best things invented since Chickfila! It’s fun preparing my meals, and it makes me feel even more organized. When you meal prep, you have everything ready and waiting for you. I’m less tempted to go out to a restaurant and spend more money when I already paid for all of my food for the month in groceries! Eventually there will be NO possible way for you to crave bad foods when everything is laid out for you!  If you really have a habit of bad cravings constantly: HIDE.THE.FOOD, or throw it out. When I started preparing for my first pageant, I hid all of my candy/junk away in a low cabinet; and overtime  I forgot all about it.


3. Find the substitutes


Here are some of my favorite sweets. You can still eat everything you love, just find a better alternative. I love chocolate, buttery popcorn, and anything covered in cheese. I changed up what I typically crave for these healthy trades and I am still satisfied! They’re absolutely delicious – and EXTREMELY and beneficial for your body! Think about the things you constantly eat, and reverse it into something that is low in sodium/calories and high in fibers/protein!

My ultimate favorite thing to grab when I’m craving chocolate is Nestle’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Morsels. They’re to die for! 

Turn your bad cravings into healthy cravings and do your body a favor!

You’ll thank us both later. (:




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