The Heart of Florida | Pasco County Fair

Happy Fair Day!

So far, being Miss Pasco County Fair has been filled with so much fun, laughter, and farm animals! Not too long ago the fair came into town and I got the chance to connect with people in the community, emcee pageants and even have a photoshoot!

Here are photos from this year’s Pasco County Fair.

Celebrating 70 years of sparkle!


Photos taken by Gary Hatrick.

We had a sisterhood photoshoot and it was so much fun! I’ve never won a goldfish when playing this game at the fair, and I had some hope that I would considering I had a sparkly crown on my head but, unfortunately I missed.

Bumper Cars!


I LOVE bumper cars. I may or may not drive like this in real life so that would explain the reaction from Miss Teen Heart. Hold on tight girl!

Crowns vs. Fair Rides

IMG_7223Talk about a before and after shot! Olivia and I thought our crowns were secure, but according to this ride they weren’t secure enough. I wasn’t ready for her crown to fly off and hit someone – not a good look!

Monkey Business




I think we did a good job playing Matchmaker at the Pasco County Prince and Princess Pageant. I mean, just look at these two!

Sunshine Princess Program

The Miss America Organization has a great way of inspiring young boys and girls across the nation to be leaders in their community.Through the Prince and Princess Program, titleholders are able to mentor children ages 5-12 and offer them the opportunity to make appearances with them, and even create life long friendships through mentoring!

I surprised my two Sunshine Princesses Taylor and Kaylee with goodie bags. (My third Princess, Sophia was not able to make it.) They even get to go with me to Miss Florida and be on stage with me. Cool, right?

The Pasco County Fair along with the Miss Pasco County Scholarship Pageant have been going on for 70 years, and it was so exciting to be apart of this year’s anniversary! Celebrating 7o years of sparkle.



Miss Pasco County Fair 2017


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