My Spring Workout Plan | Getting Back into Shape

New year new you? Well, it’s possible! 

One thing I always try to remember is that you DON’T have to wait for a disco ball to drop at midnight to wait to start switching up your lifestyle. Tomorrow; NOW or even later today you can begin to make minor changes.

Always remember to take your own pace. Don’t worry about the person working out next to you and how much they’re lifting. Workout for you. Enjoy it!

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Reminder: I am not a personal trainer nor I am a professional at this subject. I’m just like you! Following guru’s and fitness channels through YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Need workout inspiration? Click the links below!

Let’s get Physical: My Pinterest board for workout inspiration

Eat Up!: My Pinterest board for healthy snacks, meals, etc.

I’m on Pinterest every five minutes (trust me), so you can definitely keep track of what to eat, and what to do right along with me! I always try to mix it up based on what I have on my Pinterest board. You don’t want your body to get used to the same routines. Always try to mix it up!

For the workouts below, I like to stick to 3 sets of 12 for everything I do, or I’ll do each exercise for one minute.



I always try to do 30 + minutes of cardio six days out of the week. 20 Minutes of interval running, and 10+ minutes on an elliptical machine or bicycle! Interval running is easier for me because 1) I hate running. 2) I push myself harder = more calories, sweat and fat is burned!


This part of my workout is the biggest challenge for me. I mean, have you seen my noodle arms?!  Wether you’re lifting 5-10 pounds like me, or 20 pounds, what’s important is that l you feel the burn and that you’re ‘re pushing as far as your body can handle; the results will come. For the basics, I like to do some of the examples above. (3 sets of 12.)

Here are some others:


  1. Bench press
  2. One arm dumbbell row
  3. Lateral raises
  4. Tricep kickbacks


Ah, my favorite! I could go on and on about legs, but I’ll keep it pretty simple! Here are some of my favorite exercises to target the lower body: (3 sets of 12)

  1. Squat variations (lunges, jumps, etc.)
  2. Calf raises
  3. Hamstring curls
  4. Abductor push outs


If you’re really looking to tighten your core, rid of “muffin top”, love handles, or gain a six pack – these moves will become your best friends! Do 3 sets of 12, or if you want a challenge, do it for one minute:

  1. Sit-ups (This is a little insane, but I usually do 3 sets of 100.) DON’T PANIC
  2. Plank variations (side planks, plank dips, etc.)
  3. Legs pull-in
  4. Table top sit-ups
  5. Windshield Wipers


Toned core, stronger legs, and more leaned arms here you come! Each day you set aside to do at least a little exercise will leave you feeling refreshed, upbeat, and confident. I promise!

Keep striving!



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