New Years Makeup Look ALL From the Drugstore!

The last few moments of the New Year are approaching us! This is exactly what my makeup routine will consist of, and I hope you take something away from this post as you get ready to celebrate. I want you to look as flawless as possible – so let’s make that makeup last even after the ball drops at midnight!



The base of your look tonight is the most important! Even if you don’t use the Milani Pore Perfecting Primer, try to use something that will give your skin a smooth  and matte finish so you can party the night away!



The L’oreal Infallible Foundation is a MUST to help bring in the New Year! This foundation does not budge, and will literally last 24 hours.



Just to make sure you look stunning in every photo, swipe on my favorite concealer of all time: the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer! It’s hydrating and creamy, and it doesn’t have flashback so you will love it. You can buy this online, or even at a local Beauty Supply Store! (Did I mention it’s like $2?)

Setting Powder


Before you go out, put your face in the oven. (Yes, I said it.) This can be picked up at Walgreens! It’s about $5 with so much product inside, and it is a great steal. Set this under your eyes, on your forehead, and your t-zone. If you notice your foundation cracks around your mouth/smile lines, place powder there as well! I’m sure after all of the laughing, chatter, and celebration, you’ll thank me later.

Banana Powder/Contour

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 6.29.35 PM.png

Wipe away your baking powder (above) with the Wet N’ Wild Contour Kit! Also at Walgreens, this product stole my heart. It’s only $5, and you get two pans for brightening the under eye, and contour!



Would it be Aa’s New Year Look without Colourpop? (If you said no, you are the Grab whatever you have that is sparkly and golden, and slap it on your face until the product hits pan. Shine brighter than The Ball in NYC!


Morphe 350 Palette


A little bit of shimmer will go a long way! For New Years, add a pop of sparkle to your lid. I love using my Morphe 35O for any occasion. Even if you don’t have it, all you need is glitter, and neutrals in your crease – smoke out your look if you want!

Elf Eyeliner


I’ve lived for this product since middle school – ride or die! This Elf liner is easy to use, and is SO dark and black. Use any liquid or gel liner you have and try to wing out your eyeliner for a more dramatic effect. If you need a little help ask a girlfriend for help, or check it out on Youtube!

Luxe Eyelashes


Even if you’ve never been a big fan of falsies, these are some of the best I’ve ever tried! They’re mink lashes, meaning that you can reuse them until they start to lose hope. I picked up mine at Ulta, but you could even find other false lashes at your local drugstore! If not, get that mascara game on point for New Year’s Night!


Happy New Years to all of my beauties! I hope you have a fun, and safe night.

Don’t forget yo set your face with setting spray!

Until 2017,



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