5 Good Reasons Why You NEED Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Highlight

Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill has to be one of the most well known faces on Youtube! Whenever I think of highlight, she’s the first person that comes to my mind. If you haven’t heard of her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, where have you been?!   Becca X Jaclyn Hilll is a bright, luminous group of products that work for everyone. Check out my 5 reasons why you NEED (yes… I said need) the Champagne Pop Highlight.

  1. Uhh, Hello…  How can you resist Jaclyn?!

    To me, Jaclyn is loving, bubbly, and extremely spunky. She’s always honest and she truly puts her personality into everything she does. You can see that she puts so much hard work into her youtube videos, and whatever she sets her mind to she gets in done! On her Youtube Channel she is always on trend with any product, and if you’re commenting or recommending that she try out a new product or do a tutorial on something, she will most likely do it!

  2. The Packaging

    The packaging is absolutely beautiful! It’s gold and reflective meaning that no matter what part of Sephora you’re in, you’re going to see this bad boy staring you down. The actual product itself is sturdy, and great for traveling. It also comes with a mirror inside!

  3. The Pigment/Color Payoff

    LOOK AT THIS! (Left: no flash | Right: with flash)  It’s such a beautiful champagne rose color that is.to.die.for. It doesn’t take a lot of this product to achieve the look that you want! With just a few swipes I feel like I’m channeling the Sun. Because it’s so pigmented, I always know to  1) spray my brush with water 2) dip into the product 3) GO CRAZY. A little bit goes a long way with the slightest amount, so this product should last you a long time.

  4. Works for all skin tones cpop_formulas_all                     (The last swatch on the bottom is Champagne Pop) One of the best things I loved about this product is that it will give everyone a beautiful glow. I use this product on all of my friends and I love the way it looks every time! If you’re still  little hesitant if this shade will work for your skin tone, Becca has other highlights that are just as beautiful! Just head over to your local Sephora and have a swatch party

  5. If you’re a highlight fanatic like me, this  simply is a staple pieceimg_5206                                                    I have wanted this highlight for a very long time but I was always hesitant! (I live off of the Colourpop Highlights, because they’re the first ones I’ve ever used.) But, if you’re trying to build up your collection, or want to find a reason to treat yourself or try something new, I’m sure you would love this!

    Thanks for reading, beautiful!

– Aa


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