Photo Documentary of the World’s Largest Tailgate: Florida Georiga Football Game!

Florida Georgia is more than a game. For my family, it’s somewhat of a reunion! We always have an amazing time, and make memories. Each year brings new people, and so much laughter. Enjoy my photo diary.

If you’re not a gator, then you’re gator bait!

The Parental’s

My parents always get a great spot to tailgate every year! My dad cooks for everyone, and my mom and I as usual, just sit around and look pretty.



“The boys are back!” (High School Musical reference)                                                                           Best friends since high school, and we all got back together for the weekend!

Go Gators!


Okay, funny story how we met the young lad in the middle. It was like a high school bash/get together when we first started high school! For some reason he came up to all of us, and when he told us he was a gator fan and wanted to go to UF, we all went bananas and went to Steak n’ Shake right after! 3 years later, he came to watch us graduate and invited us to hang out with his family for tailgate! Oh yeah, this is Kyle. Say hello to him everyone!

IMG_5331.jpgReagan and I got tired of standing around so of course, we turned the car on and sat in the A.C. – sad isn’t it?! (And if you look to your right, you’ll see my mom’s first selfie.)

World’s largest Tailgate! 


Experiencing this game in the stadium is an electrifying, upbeat memory that I look forward to doing each year. From chanting for our team, to jumping up in excitement, college football has a special place in my heart! (Even if I have to ask what’s going on during every play.)

Thanks for reading!





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