5 Ways to Kickstart your morning | An Updated Routine!

Drink lemon waterwater-drink-fresh-lemonsI never knew there were so many benefits to this! Lemon water makes me feel awake, and fresh. You can drink it warm, or cold, but I prefer for it to be warm because it wakes me up. All you have to do is squeeze,juice, or slice half of a lemon in \to your warm water. Making lemon water apart of your routine has an abundance of benefits: it boosts your metabolism, revitalizes your skin, and has so many vitamins and nutrients that will overall help you kickstart your day!

Make a to-do list

pen-and-paperThe night before or even while you’re sitting drinking your lemon water, make a list of things you need to get done that day, or even plan out your week! Being able to go through your day without worrying or forgetting anything will give you a great sense of organization. Always being prepared will never hurt in the long run!


Not that you have to completely sanitize and disinfect your room, but even I’ve made it a habit to make sure my room is clean each morning before I start my day. It wakes me up by getting me to move about the house, and I can always come home to a clean room – which might be weird, but it makes me happy!

Eat a great breakfast


Sounds super cliche, right? Well, eating a good breakfast does help you kickstart your day. Grab a bite of your favorite breakfast foods, and cook it if you can! Wake up a little earlier than normal and make yourself pancakes, or even an omelet. It’ll make you feel a little more proactive! Always take water with you to drink throughout the day as well and keep snacks handy.

Read Affirmations

You can’t kickstart your morning off with a negative thought process! As soon as you get up and set your feet on the ground, you’ve started a brand new opportunity  to accomplish a new task. Read affirmations or positive messages in the morning to get your mind running in the right direction! I even have a Pinterest board to keep me motivated. Check it out: Life Quotes/Tips

Thanks for reading!



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