Let’s Talk Hair: Wash your way to perfect hair! | Aussie Mega Moist

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose been through bottles, and bottles of different hair products! I recently had a few empties and needed to restock on a new Shampoo and Conditioner. Now that I’m on a college budget, I was walking down the aisle at Walgreens and spotted these two beautiful purple bottles with a “SALE” tag on them! I got both  bottles for $5. I couldn’t resist, and now I’m in love!

Click this to buy me at Walgreens! 

(Can be found at other stores such as Target, Walmart, and other drugstores!) 

Claims according to Aussie

  • Accented with Australian Aloe and Jojoba seed oil gives you moisturized locks
  • Perfect for dry hair in need of hydration. It’s also great for all hair types.• Moisturize
    • Strengthen
    • Soften

I hate when my hair is dry, crunchy, or even just dull. I noticed immediately when washing and lathering my hair how soft and moisturized it felt. I did two rounds of shampoo, and then I also did two rounds of conditioner! When I use the conditioner, I like to grab a wide tooth comb and take it through my hair. After that, I will wrap a towel around my head for about 30 minutes to an hour, and then let it air dry from there! If you don’t have time to towel dry, thats fine too! You can always use a blow dryer or even just walk out of the door and start your day.


I’ve had this product for about two weeks now, and the softness last me throughout the whole week! I can’t keep my hands out of my hair. It’s soft, bouncy, and full. Even after I straighten my hair a million times, it bounces right back. This is totally worth every penny! I’ll probably buy the bigger bottles next time. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair I’ve ever gotten from using other products! It truly does hydrate your hair and give it a sense of revival. Try it out, and tell me how you like it!

Stay hydrated babes, and always love your locks!

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