Trends on Trends: My top 10 favorite Outfits right now!

Hi dolls! Growing up watching the Bratz, the slogan “Passion for Fashion” always stuck to me – major throwback right?! Now, I dressed up for highschool everyday, and still do in college! People always asked me why/how I keep up with it all, but dressing up for YOU will make you feel more confident, and upbeat! I absolutely love clothes, and pairing looks together depending on my mood. I decided to show you guys my top 10 outfits! All of these outfits are so affordable, and can be recreated. Give it a shot!


Guns and Roses

Shirt: Aeropostale

Jeans: Ross (They were ripped by my friend, Ashley. Thanks girl!)

Shoes: Converse

Chocker: Claire’s

This is about as edgy as my look gets. A little choker, and a graphic tee. I love this outfit! If there’s one thing I learned from buying Converse, is that they go with Everything!

The Girl Next Door

Dress: Marshalls

Shoes: Traffic

Purse: Target

Fur Key Chain: Rue 21

Every now and then, a girl should wear dress! Some more often than others, but it’ll help you get through the day a little easier when you’re dressed for success! 

Stars and Stripes

Shirt: Qluv (Store in California)

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Traffic

Planner: Lilly Pulitzer

Denim skirts are coming back! I always liked the look, but never felt I could pull it off. Try one, and it’ll change your life. They’re so adorable and comfy and are perfect finish for just about any look!

Pretty in Pink

Shirt: Ross

Shorts : Marshalls

Sandals: Traffic

Book bag: Forever 21

This outfit will always have a special place in my heart because it’s what I wore when I took  my first photo with a giraffe! (Let me have my moment.) The shorts remind me of a Lily print, so I had to pick them up!

Neutral Love

Shirt: Thrift Shop (Woohoo!)

Pants: Ross

Flats: Traffic

I always feel productive when I wear flats, I don’t know why! A little business casual never hurt nobody. 

The girl in the floral pants

Shirt: Aeropostale

Pants: Aeropostale

Sandals: Traffic

The pants are so adorable! Even though mine were bought with the decals already on them, you could easily get iron on prints and put them by your pockets and recreate the look! 

A blush of Pink

Shirt: Thrift Store

Pants: Aeropostale

Shoulder Bag: Rue 21

Booties: Rue 21

I love the blush pink color of these pants. Putting your hair in a ponytail when a shirt comes up a little higher to the neck makes for a sophisticated yet playful look!

White after Labor Day

Shirt: Aeropostale

Jeans: Rue 21

Booties: Rue 21

A flowy boho top with ripped jeans, and boots. Perfect for when it’s a little windy outside!

Overalls in Red

Romper: Forever 21

Glasses: Forever 21

I always get so many compliments on this little ensemble. Great for summer when you’re going to theme parks, or even a lazy Sunday to run errands. Sandals or Converse look great with this!

Wild for Elephants

Shirt: Forever 21

Pants: Forever 21

Glasses: Forever 21

Ahh, my favorite color: Black! Love my elephant outfit. Flowy pants and a cropped off the shoulder top make the perfect look!

The watch I had on in all the photos is from Liz Claiborne, and the bracelets are Alex and Ani bangles from friends and family. I get most, if not all of my inspiration from my Pinterest boards! I have Style Guides for: Winter, Summer, Night Outs, and Every Day wear. Check it out!


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