Tailgate Fashion: What I wore to a college football game!

I’m not sure why it took so long, but here is my first fashion post! There’s nothing better than college football, and I was so excited for the season to start. After a quick trip to Walmart and Claire’s, I put together an outfit that was just right for this weeks game.


Even though fall and winter don’t really exist in Florida, I can’t wait to start wearing boots and sweaters to football games! I’ll be patient until then and I’ll keep wearing shorts and tank tops! *sad face.*

Here’s what I wore to the game this past weekend: A UCF Jersey (a quick steal from Walmart – I did good, huh!), along with a pair of distressed black shorts that I bought from Aeropostale over the summer, a black choker, and a pair of sunglasses.

img_4578 I matched with one of my new friends I recently met in one of my classes: Karina! Our jerseys fit well, but not too tight. We wanted to be able to throw these jerseys on all four years of college so we got them a little bigger than normal! Most Walmart’s near a college town have collegiate gear, so we grabbed one the Jerseys. It was $24.00, and totally worth it!

Matching outfits! 

We tried (and failed miserably) to take cute fun pictures with each other but, picking me up didn’t work. So eventually, we decided to just take normal photos in our outfits.


High School Reunion!

It’s only been about two months since I’ve seen my friends from high school who came to visit  for my birthday. So of course, we had to get them in the UCF spirit and brought them out to tailgate with us! For the most part, all of of our outfits can be recreated and can be found just about at any regular store you would see at any of your favorite stores! (Anybody else notice the bean bag flying mid-air in the background?!)

My roommate and her cousin are always wearing the cutest clothes! (Perks of being a girl, because we always raid each other’s closets when we need something to wear.) My choker is from Claire’s, sunglasses are from Forever 21, and my shoes are from a store called Traffic!


For my first tailgate outfit, I don’t think I did too bad! More fashion posts to come. At least I got the first one out of the way. Let’s see how long I’ll be wearing shorts to football games this fall.

Go Knights!




2 thoughts on “Tailgate Fashion: What I wore to a college football game!

  1. simplymeeks says:

    I didn’t realize how hard it was to pick out my first tailgate/football game outfit. I didn’t know whether to go casual or go total fashion forward. Ended up just wearing a basic t-shirt and shorts, but hey it worked!!


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