Drugstore Concealers You Need To Get Your Hands On!

Brighten those under eyes and conceal those pimples with some of the best drugstore products on the market! Although I haven’t tried them all, I can assure you’ll fall in love with at least one of my top picks.


NYX Cosmetics Hi-Defenition Photo Concealer Wand

(I’m all out of my NYX concealer so I had to borrow a friends!) After hearing people around me go on and on about this concealer, I decided to pick it up myself. This concealer is awesome! It definitely is a HD concealer because my face doesn’t appear washed out. Also, when I take pictures throughout the day I noticed little to no flashback, which is perfect.

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer


When Maybelline came out with the Better Skin line of foundation, concealer and powder, I had to try it! (The whole “Better Skin” ordeal really drew me in. Not going to lie! I mean…who wouldn’t want better skin?) This concealer is creamy, build-able, and it is so hydrating and refreshing! My skin isn’t irritated when using it, and my pores don’t look or feel clogged. Better Skin for the win!


Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer


This was the very first concealer I ever used when I first started getting into makeup! The formula only seems to get better and it never creases or cakes up on my skin. Even if I bounce around to different concealers, I amaze myself each time I go back and buy this product.



L.A. Girl Pro Girl Concealer


The ABSOLUTE love of my life, and it is only $3. Talk about full coverage! If you haven’t tried this product yet, drop everything and run. I buy this concealer at a local beauty supply store, or you can even buy it online! They’re almost everywhere. There are a lot of shades so make sure you try to research/do swatches before buying them! I have gone months without even thinking about other concealers because I’ve found my home with this one. It’s creamy, stays put, and is super build-able. If you can get your hands on some darker shades, it’s also the perfect product to use for cream contour. Best of both worlds!

Tips from The Aa Lister herself!

Illuminate your concealer and/or foundation with these drugstore pickups! The NYX liquid illuminator and the Loreal Magic Lumi Primer are perfect to mix in with not only your foundation, but concealer too! What I like to do is…


  1. Apply your concealer down by the side of your nose and then fan it out along your under eye until you’ve made a triangle on your face! This makes you appear more awake, and also helps slim down your nose.
  2. Then, I’ll apply 2-4 dots of my illuminator into my concealer and blend it out with my Real Techniques Sponge, or my Morphe M433 Brush.

Thanks for reading beautiful! Cheers to concealing all of life’s imperfections.

– Aa




10 thoughts on “Drugstore Concealers You Need To Get Your Hands On!

    • Aaliyah says:

      Thank you honey! I’ll have to give that product a try. Even though my bank account is saying no at the moment! I love the Maybelline concealer. It’s so awesome and hydrating. Let me know how you like it!


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