Unboxing of Naked Urban Decay Smoky Palette!

I’ve started to get a little bit more obsessed with Urban Decay more and more each day. They’re coming out with so many products and everyone is drooling over them. The Urban Decay Smoky Palette was on sale about a month ago, so of course I picked it up. This palette is gorgeous and I can’t wait to play around with it. Enjoy the swatch party!


Dirtysweet, Radar, and Black Market(cut off on the right) are my favorite shades in the palette! The shades are so buttery, smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend. What more could a girl ask for?


The Smoky Palette does come with a two sided brush that I love! The fluffy side is for blending into the crease, meanwhile the more stubbed hair side can be for adding details/smudging. The details in the middle of the brush are even more beautiful in person! You can see a small smoke design in the middle glass part, and there’s even an engraving so you never forget that the brush is tied with the Smoky Palette!

img_4135I am SUCH a sucker of this packaging. Look at it! It’s super sturdy, the words appear 3D, the casing is hard, and of course the “smoke” scene going on at the front of the packaging is so beautiful!

Left: Flash | Right: No flash

The colors top to bottom are the shades on the palette from left to right! Aren’t they gorgeous? Which shade is your favorite?

Keep on blending!





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