My new LED Lighted Mirror!

All though I’m sure almost every girl in the world wants a huge makeup vanity like the guru’s on Youtube, sometimes we have to snap back into reality and realize we can’t have the huge hollywood mirror in our bedrooms! They’re gorgeous, but super expensive. So, until I can get my hands on one, I bought an LED Mirror from Conair!


Features and benefits: Great size, silver, and has a polished chrome finish.

I bought The Reflections LED Lighted Collection mirror at a nearby Ulta store! It was $40, but is totally worth it. Compared  to other ones I saw online, and in other stores the pricing was all about the same and this mirror seemed the best.

Left: Low lighting | Middle: Off | Right: High lighting

There are two different light setting on this mirror! A low setting, and a high setting. I can use the mirror itself without lighting during the day, and although I haven’t found a reason to use the dimmed side yet, the brighter setting is great for when I am getting ready at night! This mirror has Lifetime Energy Saving LED Bulbs which means the bulbs will NEVER need to be replaced! Also, it consumes up to 70% less energy than regular bulbs.


I do have to clean this mirror after a few days due to fingerprints, and other things getting on the mirror or base/body of the mirror. It is very true to how it makes you look as well. (Which can be a little scary when you look at the more magnified side in the morning.)


Good news: There are two sides to this mirror! There’s a 1x and 7x magnification. In other words, one side looks like your normal every day mirror, and the other side gives you a more up close, in depth look at your makeup! I love using the in-depth side when I am working close to my eyes working on eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrows, etc.

Thanks for reading, dolls!




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