Moving into my first apartment!

Long time no see! The process of moving in on my own and getting ready for college has been so crazy. Although I still have a few finishing touches I plan to add, I wanted to welcome you all into my humble abode.


Black bed comforter: Ross | Gold and White Pillows: Bealls Outlet Giraffe: (Diego) is from the San Diego Zoo! | Tiger Painting: DD’s | Wall Lights: Bealls Outlet

I plan on adding a whole lot more pink (my favorite color) to the room, especially on my bed! But, until then I still like the black and gold look. The pillows totally helped. Looking at Roomspiration on Pinterest gave me great ideas for whenever I want to add something new to my place!


On my little dresser I have my graduation tassel, a frame from my friends, a little vase with flowers, and a photo album of all my high school memories on the bottom! (The whole vase ensemble is from the dollar tree! Cute, right?)








Not too much excitement in my bathroom, except for these two things! This gorgeous shower curtain from Big Lots (What?!), and  a friend of mine gave me this monogram towel as a graduation present.


This bulletin board is from my aunt as a move-in gift! My initial letters are from Big Lots, and I plan on filling this board with all of my memories! I absolutely love bulliten boards and making collages so this is a staple piece in my room.

My favorite view! This little window allows me to see the pool from my apartment, and of course some natural lighting for when it’s time to get all glammed up! On the side of each wall, I hung four photos of friends, places I’ve traveled, and some of my favorite quotes! Many of the photos are from my Life Quotes/Tips board on my Pinterest page. I’m huge on quotes and love them to stay motivated.

The frames are from the dollar store, and the fur blanket on my chair is from Target!


White “A” Box: Gift | Makeup Mirror (does light up): Ulta | Acrylic Makeup Containers: Target | Brush Holders: Dollar Tree

One of the places I spend most of my time, of course! I know my makeup (..uh I meant homework) station will keep growing and growing as time passes and I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated. My Makeup Organization board on Pinterest helps me figure out what to buy/put on my mini vanity area!



The Aa List Clothing Line! (I wish.) My closet is a great size compared to most “college living” situations and I am so happy because who knows what I would do with myself if I had a tiny closet! Although my shoes are scattered all over the floor, I try to keep my clothes organized by: Jeans, dresses, jackets, and shirts. Fashion and makeup are a girls best friend after all.

Yay for a mini room tour!

Until next time.




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