BTS Series: Getting organized for classes

Back to school means homework assignments, essays, notes, and test! (Possibly even more.) Try and pick up some of my favorite BTS necessities and stay organized this school year!

Know the type of student you are

Know your strengths and weaknesses! If you’re bad at math (like me), maybe sitting in the back of the class isn’t the best idea. At the end of the day, we’re at school to get good grades and make something of ourselves! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you know you’re struggling, you have to be the one to speak up. If you know you’re the type of student to slack off, or lose focus, position yourself and direct attention when it’s needed. New school year, new classrooms, new teachers, new you!

Make it pretty and personalize

Probably one of the most satisfying things is when I get compliments on my “organization.” Truth is, I’m usually not as organized as I come off to be! I just love to throw pretty colors into my planner and notes – it keeps me engaged. This year, personalize your things with photos of your friends, favorite animals or trips from over the summer. Change your binder covers around, and do anything to keep yourself intrigued!

Thumb Drives

This little guy has probably been on all of our back to school lists since the beginning of time. Save everything to your thumb drive so if you ever need to print something or work on an assignment, you have all the things you need. I tend to lose stuff easily, so if you’re like me keep it on a keychain!

Write with style ( In Ink!)Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Bold Point, Black Ink, Dozen Box (31256) Pilot

I always used whatever I found in the bottom of my bag to write with for class, until I borrowed a pen from a teacher and was in shock on how great my handwriting looked!  The Pilot G210 pens are the most amazing pens I’ve ever used. I know what you’re thinking: really Aaliyah? It’s just a pen. Buy a pack of them and you’ll know what I mean! The ink is thick, and I love the way it comes off on paper. It makes me want to write neat, and I love it! They also have an assortment of colors and I plan on getting them for back to school, too.

Time Management

If you know you can procrastinate, change your routine around so that you have no room or excuses to do so! Go to the library after classes, or even stay behind in a teachers room to get ahead and finish your work! If you go home, do your homework in a place where you’re not surrounded by electronics. It’s such a great feeling of relief when you get work knocked out of the way so you have time to enjoy yourself! If you’re trying to make the football game at the end of the week, get work done before practice, or watch your favorite TV show, schedule time around your social life so you have it all done and out of the way. Know your due dates before they’re due, and try making a mini time schedule for yourself if you know you have a busy day ahead!

Google Drive

I used Google Drive in my photography class in high school to save photos, and I immediately loved it! It holds so much information, and they even have it as an app so you can use it on your phone! The drive was a life saver when I needed to save or print essays, or keep track of assignments. More good news: It’s free!


Find the perfect planner

Anybody who knows me, knows that I live by my planner! My planner for the past two years have been from Lilly Pulitzer. They have several different sizes, and at first I thought they were a little pricey but it’s compact with: monthly calendars, weekly calendars, note pages, contact pages, and even stickers! (The best part.) I have the Jumbo size which is $35. These planners will last until December 2017, which is the icing on the cake! To me, it’s totally worth it.

Accordion Files

I’m used to using regular folders, but over time they get flimsy, break, or I just stop putting my papers in the right folders for each class! With one accordion file, I have one big folder to keep track with.

Sticky Notes

I use sticky notes for everything. In class, at home, and in my planner. They’re like little reminder fairies you can stick anywhere to pop up and remind you about important things so you don’t get off track! Sticky notes can be your best friends.

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen - Medium Point - 16 Color Set - SANFORD 70644:

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen

Ever since I discovered this wonderful creation on a YouTube BTS haul, I haven’t went back to any other marker/pen since. These pens are PERFECT for your planner! I only use these pens to write in it, and there are so many colors to help keep everything organized. They’re also perfect for note taking in class to keep everything in categories! I’m telling you, this one is  a keeper!

Stick to it – Focus!

You’ve got to be hard on yourself. Sometimes it gets frustrating but it’s easier to stay on track rather than falling behind, getting lazy, and discouraged. Break things apart and manage your time well. Nobody will complete this school year for you, only you can! Yes, it’s okay to take a break and relax, but don’t fall off your Aa Game! (See what I did there?)

Alright brainiac, even if this school year won’t be easy, remember it isn’t impossible! Stay organized, stay focused, and stay positive.


-Aa (May you receive a lot of those this year.)



6 thoughts on “BTS Series: Getting organized for classes

  1. askalimae says:

    Great tips:) I also love gel pens, and I really like buying the colored ones, especially in pink! I find that it really helps to motivate me to take notes! I also have found that writing notes rather than using a computer helps to avoid me getting distracted during class!

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