Photo Documentary: Paris

Second stop of the Europe trip was every little girls dream: Paris, France! After looking at pictures, videos, and seeing France in movies and magazines, we finally set foot on their soil. It was everything I imagined it would be! Amazing people, culture, and of course the food.

By the time we arrived and went to a downtown area, we were surrounded by music, artists, people, and just pure beautiful French culture. There were so many people around! Of course, with my favorite coloring being pink I saw this beautiful blush colored building a mile away! We didn’t get the change to eat here, but this café was so adorable!

Not a single photo I take will compare to the breathtaking beauty of this palace. Since about to years ago when I learned about the Palace of Versailles in history class, I’ve been obsessed with this whole entire place. From the building, to the gardens, and the hall of mirrors.

Top photo:  Ok, get this. The Mcdonal’s in France sells macaroons! I thought it was interesting and I was shoked considering the McCafe’s here in America consist of different coffe and smoothie drinks. They had so many diverse French pastries in Paris and they had a great deal on their Macarrons, and since I never had them before I made sure I stocked up for the way home!

Bottom Photo: What’s traveling if you’re not trying new foods?! I love to watch travel hannels and see people devour new, and weird looking foods from other cultures. So a few of my friends and I decided to chow down on… snails! It looked gross – really gross now that I think about it, but it tasted like little juicy pieces of chicken!

Right photo: The Starbucks’ in France were just as busy as they were back home! But yet again, their café products were way cooler than ours! I forgot what it’s called, but in the photo I got a mango smoothie. (Something like that) The Barista was native to the area and was talking to us about our visit! When he began to write my name on the cup, he said “Well while your here, I’ll spell your name the way you would as if you’d been here all your live. Viola Lea!”

img_3474Another “landmark” I couldn’t wait to see! The hundreds of thousands love locks on the bridge.

“Attention everyone, we are looking at THE Eiffel Tower!” – Overly excited Aaliyah (me)

After a while, the tower has thousands of little white lights that twinkle for about 5-10 minutes. This is something we didn’t know until we turned around after this photo taken with all of my beautiful friends. The left photo does not have any sparkling lights, and the right does! It was so beautiful, and truly the trip of a lifetime for all of us.

Bon Voyage!

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