Photo Documentary: London

About a year ago in June I took a trip to Europe for the first time. And boy was it amazing! From the weather, people, food and cuisine it was the trip of a lifetime! I decided to share one of my many adventures with you guys. When the days became numbered and it was time to go, I was so happy to say I had a chance to visit!

By the way, we went to Boots (drugstore in London that sells makeup and is similar to a Walgreens here in America) and my friends and I almost bought one of everything in the store! Just like how we have certain products in the U.S. that other countries don’t, so do they. It was so cool to grab some U.K. cosmetics!

Ok ok, enough about makeup for once. Enjoy this photo diary of my glorious trip to London!

I’m not sure what it is about the streets of London, but they’re so unique and artsy! The shapes of the windows, beautiful cool toned buildings and flowers hanging from the balcony all caught my eye. Now that I think about it, that’s probably why my SD card got full in my camera so quickly. (Shoutout to photography teacher for trusting me with her camera over the summer!) I just couldn’t get enough.

The weirdest thing about London would have to be driving on opposite sides of the road! I completely forgot about the switch until we got on our tour bus.


“I’m ready to see a double decker bus! Where are they?!” – Everyone in our tour group



It’s safe to say a few of us decided to be typical tourists, so we fell behind the group to have a photoshoot in front of the very first telephone booth we ever saw!






I spy with my little eye…

Okay, I can’t pass this up. Quick story time! The very first time we got on a double decker bus, we sat in the back with girls who just got out of school. Their accents were the cutest, and shockingly enough they loved our American accents. We took turns sharing things about our country. From currency, to music, and sayings such as “y’all.” (They found it hilarious that we say that word on a regular basis!)  The best part about talking to these girls is that they were fascinated about America just as much as we were about The United Kingdom. When we told them we were from Florida, one little girl shouted “Next summer, I’m going to Miami, or Florida! I’m not sure which one yet. Wherever we go, I’m excited. I heard they’re both really cool.” We explained to her that Miami is in Florida, just like London is in England. Their stop to go home finally came, and we parted ways!


Look Familiar? Say hello to Big Ben!

I absolutely love plays and musicals, so once I found out we were going to see “Wicked” I was like a kid in a candy store! All of my friends know my favorite song is “Popular” from the play. It was even more interesting to watch the play because the actors and actresses had accents!

Okay I know what you’re thinking: Really Aaliyah? More houses?! But come on, look at them. Is it just me, or can you look at architecture/building structures for days!


Until next time London! You’re my perfect cup of tea.




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