Makeup Spotlight: Colourpop Cosmetics|Let’s talk Lippies!

“Beauty for cool kids”: Colourpop Cosmetics have been the coolest kids on the block and the heat hasn’t stopped yet!

Check out my favorite, must have ultra-matte lip products.


If you haven’t heard of this company yet, you have to be living under a rock! Colourpop is super affordable for the everyday girl, and the quality is definitely top notch. From brow pencils, to highlighters, bronzers, and an array of lippies, it’s like taking a kid to a candy shop. (I am so obsessed with them that I have a Pintrest board just for their products!) Their fan base is constantly growing, and every time I buy a product, it’s clear to see why.


Top to Bottom: Avenue, LAX, Stingraye, Kapow, Limbo, Lumiere2, and More Better. (In natural lighting)

Avenue: This color is the perfect red on every skin tone! Red lipsticks are kind of risky, especially for me. So when I saw this shade and looked around I fell in love. It’s a beautiful color and isn’t too over powering.

LAX: It’s a beautiful deep, vampy red/brown color. I love it! All of my friends look great in LAX and I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t like this shade.

Stingraye: (Please excuse the deformation at the top of the handle. A car ran over it… it’s a long story!) Anyway, I bought this color for prom and it is such a great pink/brown mauve. I was nervous about getting it because I was scared it wouldn’t look natural, or “too pink”, but it turned out great and I love it! 


Kapow: Okay, I hope I’m not over exaggerating here, but I’ve never seen a color like this before which is what made me so excited to put it in the cart. Kapow is like a purple-grey lip color but it still very wearable, and I LOVE IT. If you’re wanting to get out there and get a unique lip color – this is it!

Limbo: I was never into wearing brown lipsticks at all until Limbo came into my life. (I sound like a spokeswoman…Oops!) I’ve bought this lipstick three times after completely going through each one. It goes with just about anything and it is perfect for the fall.

Lumiere 2: Compared to Stingraye, Lumiere 2 is a lot softer, and pinker. I like to call it more of a baby doll pink shade? It’s still very wearable, light, and springy.

More Better: I bought this shade on a limb, and when I first applied it I fell in love! This shade is out there for me, but in a good way. It’s a great hot pink color that is bold and extremely stunning. 


(With flash)

I absolutely love these shades, and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection! They are MATTE, so they will apply wet and then eventually dry. I highly recommend: (1) using a lip scrub before and (2) applying some Chapstick or Vaseline. 

1: You could buy a lip scrub, or what I like to do is make my own! (It’ll take 5 minutes, tops. Just run downstairs and grab some sugar!) Apply Chapstick to your lips and then add sugar. Rub the sugar around with your finger, and then use your lips and keep going for about a minute. I do this about 2 to 3 times. 

2: While doing my makeup, I’ll apply Chapstick in the beginning so it has time to sit on my lips. Once I finish my face routine I’ll put my lipstick on and I’m all set!

I only have to reapply usually when I drink something. If I do find that I need to reapply, I’ll add some Chapstick on top and rub my lips together. Instead of applying more of the matte lipstick. 

 All of their Ultra Matte Lips are $6, and they even have different formulas: satin, metallic, and glossy. (No worries, I’m sure there is more to come.) You can even get a $5 off coupon when you sign up for their newsletters on their website, and they even opened up their shipping internationally (Excluding China and Turkey.) If you don’t have any of their products, you’re truly missing out! Colourpop is definitely at the top of my list, and it will be for a long time! Affordable prices for such great, unique products. What more could a girl ask for?



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13 thoughts on “Makeup Spotlight: Colourpop Cosmetics|Let’s talk Lippies!

    • Aaliyah says:

      It really is such a pretty color! I love it. Pintrest, Instagram, and YouTube are great too if you wanted to see it more. I’ll be sure to take a look at your page!


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