BTS Series: Tricking yourself into being a morning person

Hey sleepy heads! I hope you opened this thinking “Oh yeah she’s talking to me… I need to read this, so I can get my life together.”Probably the most depressing part of going back to school is setting those early morning alarms.

Keyword: Alarms – plural 😦

With these tricks, I promise at least one will make you less of a grouch in the morning!

Plan an exciting breakfast

Give yourself something to look forward to in the morning by adding new foods/drinks to your routine! They don’t have to be gourmet or picture perfect for Pinterest. You can still keep it simple and eat meals that will energize your morning. When I’m running late or don’t feel like cooking, I love to do grab-n-go breakfasts like: breakfast sandwiches, French toast sticks, bagels, cereal bars, and yogurt with granola to eat on the way out. Even smoothies that you can make fresh, or frozen packets that are already put together. Most of the time for me, I feed my caffeine addiction and take coffee with me to class.

Silver blonde | via amerrymishap: Keep water by your bed

All the time I wake up in the middle of the night, and whenever I don’t see water on my dresser I nearly lose it! It’s great to drink water right before you go to bed, I usually aim for at least a glass and I always feel refreshed.

Set (several) alarms

If you know you’re stubborn and constantly hit the snooze button on your phone/alarm clock, it’s time for some tough love! Before going to bed, set your phone across the room or in your bathroom if it’s close enough. That way you’re forced to get up and move around. Set multiple alarms and some earlier than normal so you have time to slug around.  I’m the queen of sleep, and even this trick works for me.

Put your phone down

This was hard to do for me, but it really is so much easier to fall asleep. Once you get in bed, try not to spend to much time burning your eyes and twiddling your thumbs on your phone. Turn off the TV, set your phone down and try reading a book, magzine, or simply just laying down and falling asleep on your own. It makes a difference!

Prepare everything the night before

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would always set my clothes by my bed, and my backpack by the door. Well, I still do the same thing today! It makes it so much easier when everything is set out for you. Especially when you’re tired, or if you wake up late on accident you have everything you need waiting on you.

Make a playlist

Everybody loves music, so while you’re getting ready play your favorite songs to help keep track of time, and to keep your mind off the fact that crust is till in your eyes. Find new songs every once and a while, and get some upbeat songs to help get your blood flowing!

Not everybody is a morning person, but sometimes you have to fake it until you make it! When you set up your mornings and know what you’re doing the night before, you’ll have a more productive day. Get ready to rise and shine! Promise me you won’t hit that snooze button.

Sweet dreams!

– Aa


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