An open letter to my high school friends as we move away for college 


Hey girls…so this is it huh?


We were so inseparable back there – in high school. Always giggling down the hallways, texting about random things in class, and screaming our lungs out to every song on the radio. (Or I guess since it’s 2016, the aux.) From football games, to girls nights, and even huddling up in between classes who knows what we would do without each other. We were all so nervous for high school four years ago. We learned and helped each other with fashion advice, (at least…we thought we were looking good) makeup advice, (even though our eyeshadow wasn’t blended) and even boy/friend advice (when it was obvious that we shouldn’t have took him back the first, or tenth time.)

I think it’s fair to say you were my backbone. I never hesitated or felt embarrassed to speak to you about the things going on in my life. Everywhere we went, we always caused a scene – and that’s just how we made our memories. From screaming, to jumping around and yelling over one another I am almost 100% sure we look psychotic to everyone around us! I mean, we even speak in code. Literally half the time nobody knows what we’re talking about. Our group messages average about 500+ texts a day, and I want to thank Apple for making sure my phone doesn’t go into information overload mode and explode.


And…as we went through the dreaded days of high school, our walks through the hallway became more sacred. Our countdown until graduation started off as something silly, until we got into our final days. We began picking our dream colleges and majors and suddenly the realization of not seeing each other inbetween classes or walking through the neighborhood to talk to one another would no longer be an option. The eye opening moment when we noticed how different we are, but yet we’re so connected in a million ways. From a nurse, to a teacher, a journalist, and a criminal justice major I wonder how on earth we all mesh so well.

I promise I’ve never screamed so loud in my entire life until the night of graduation…when your name was called. I’ve never been so proud, because I know how hard you’ve worked. I remember how stressed you were about that test, that project, and the presentation you had to give in front of the class…That night, We all looked so beautiful, and nobody could take the smile off of our faces. We huddled together jumping and screaming as one chapter ended, and the next would soon be beginning – except we wouldn’t all be together.

“But, you know I’d walk a thousand miles just to see you…” so I promise to keep in touch, I promise to tell you about the guys on campus (sorry mom and dad!) and of course I promise to introduced you to the other amazing friends I’m going to meet. We’re all about to tackle this thing called life, and I couldn’t imagine doing it without you by my side. Thank you for making those four years of my life one of the best.


– Aa


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