One Girl, One Dream

Ever since I was a little girl I had some sort of predestination of how my life would be. I escalated from a princess, to a Cheetah Girl, and even a SeaWorld Dolphin Trainer. I had these dreams, and somehow incorporated them into my childhood. From my princess themed birthday parties, to throwing concerts in my bedroom, and even thinking that swimming like a mermaid during my swim lessons would move me one step closer to being a child prodigy. The funny thing is, I didn’t become any of these things and as I grew up, it became apparent to me that the only people who thought I was a princess and a popstar were living at home with me. I became taller and thinner than everyone else, I wore glasses, and braces too. Similar to the movie “13 going on 30”, I longed to be older, more beautiful, and more desired by those around me. I didn’t want to be treated like a little girl. My fantasy of being a child movie star and living in a castle changed each year I got older: to where I am now. One girl, One Dream.

One Girl: That’s me! A high school graduate who isn’t ready to enter the real world, but so far plays the part pretty well. Warm, bubbly, and 100% optimistic about everything that crosses my path. Not too far behind is that one dream: to be a magazine journalist. (Who knows if my path will alter itself along the way?) To change the world one person, one post, one step at a time. To be an inspiration to not only myself, but to others across the globe. To travel, to learn, and to grow. The fantasies of the small chocolate girl from Georgia have sprouted as I can no longer hide behind mommy when I face a road block, or cry to sister when someone says something mean. One small girl. One big dream. I promise you this is only the beginning.

Here’s to living fearlessly.

Welcome to the Aa list


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