An open letter to the high school graduate

Twelve years later after walking in straight lines, sitting in assigned seats, running out for recess, rigorous spelling tests, and the SAT’s: here we are.


Here’s to the New Beginnings  

Dear high school graduate,

Congratulatoins! You did it. We did it.

I hope you’ve learned a lot in life thus far. Yes we are young, but we are wise. I hope you thank your friends, family, teachers, and even coaches for molding you into who you have become. Grade school has come to an end, and it’s time for us to knock hard on the next door, and charge into our futures!

Although you might not be 100% sure of your future, YOU have to know that it will be bright, and you will make the most out of this bitter-sweet journey we call life. Over the past four years, you’ve changed: not only in the classroom, but as a person you’ve matured into the adult you are the day you graduated.

The feeling(s) that swarmed you the night before, the day of, hours, minutes… and finally nearly seconds as your name was called for you  strut across the stage representing yours schools colors in your cap and gown to receive your diploma. Hearing your friends being called, and being unsure if you’re more excited from them than they are. Graduation night was all about us, and the next chapter we take in our lives…

The next chapter? Only has a single author: you. Take pride in yourself, regardless of your path and don’t seek to be like anyone else. Your possibilities are endless. Whether you want to be a nurse, an engineer, marine biologist, or a journalist, I hope you find your happiness. Set your goals, be determined, and never be ungrateful for the ONE life we are all given. This is your chance to attack the future head on. You are the author of your own story: beginning, middle, and end. Nobody will know if you took A.P. Calculus, or if you took standard classes. Nobody will know if you were the starting player on your team’s lineup, or the last person to get in during the fourth quarter when you were down by ten. Learn to be your biggest critic, and your largest supporter!


Until the next time we turn our tassel and toss our cap…

Here’s to the New Beginnings.

Inspirational Quotes

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

“You will never achieve success by wishing for it; you must work for success each and every day.”

“A wise mam will make more opportunities than he finds.” – Sir Francis Bacon



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